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    Fuel prices were reduced as Sri Lanka’s economic situation improved


    Kathmandu. Sri Lanka, which has gone through an extreme economic crisis, has decided to reduce the price of fuel with the improvement of its economic situation.

    Stating that the economic situation is gradually being controlled and improving, Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara has announced that the price of fuel will be reduced from midnight on Thursday.

    According to Minister Wijesekara, after midnight, the price of petrol will be reduced by Rs 60 per liter, diesel by Rs 80 and kerosene by Rs 10, according to which consumers will get a liter of petrol at Rs 340, diesel at Rs 325 and kerosene at Rs 295.

    The Minister of Energy said that the government has decided to reduce the price of fuel as they have received competitive prices from fuel suppliers after the International Monetary Fund approved the loan.

    Also, the Sri Lankan rupee has strengthened against the US dollar. Last year, the price of fuel in the country increased by 200 percent.

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