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    Walking two hours daily for a free meal


    Hundreds of families in the Capital are struggling to manage two square meals after they lost their means of livelihood.

    It is noon on Sunday at the Bagmati corridor road just opposite the UN Park near Thapathali. Wiping the sweat off his neck with a handkerchief, Kashi Tamang, 10, struggles to keep pace with his mother Mina, who, all drenched in sweat, is walking a few steps ahead clutching her two-year-old son. To their right the Bagmati River flows emitting a foul smell.

    Walking alongside them are Saraswati Thami, 43, with her two children, and three other families. When the Post met them, they were returning to their rented rooms at Balkumari after eating a free meal at 11 am at Thapathali.

    “Earlier we all were tired and hungry. Now our stomachs are full but it’s really hard to walk carrying a baby on this hot summer day,” said Mina. They have been coming here for nearly two months now, come rain or shine.

    “If free meals were not provided we would have died of hunger,” said Mina, 37. Her husband and the eldest son chose to stay home. “I think they had whatever was left of the beaten rice, and water,” said Tamang.

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